Top 10 Sustainability Podcasts

sustainability podcast

Learn more about sustainability through podcasts – anytime, anywhere!


The topic is remarkably vast and there is always more to know. I’ve assembled a variety of podcasts that range from changing the world’s food habits to sustainability innovations in businesses, Fashion Revolution and reaching the 2030 Sustainability Development Goals.

1. EAT is opening up the discussion about the future of food and the role of the planetary diet. Here are some questions that are being asked and answered: How to feed a growing world population? What does a healthy diet from a sustainable food production look like? What do we know about food and do we need to learn how to eat again?

2. Fashion Revolution celebrates fashion as a positive influence while also scrutinizing industry practices and raising awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues. “We aim to show that change is possible and encourage those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion.” Check out their great website for more resources to get unloved for the next Fashion Revolution Week.



3. Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs, is a podcast, where Fergal Byrne, a journalist for the Economist Group, talks to experienced and successful social entrepreneurs and change-makers, committed to building a better world. Working as a social entrepreneur is hugely fulfilling – yet uniquely challenging. Social entrepreneurs need to balance business and social goals to succeed, often working in extremely challenging environments, with limited resources. And it is often a lonely journey. Our aim is to share the inspiring stories, to explore the highs and the lows, learn how different social entrepreneurs have kept inspired, and draw out insights to help social entrepreneurs at all stages on their journey.

4. Yikes! This planet needs some activism, this new podcast, is wonderful to get started with Climate Justice and Youth Activism.

5. Energy Gang is a renewable energy podcast. Most recent post: How the Pandemic Will Reshape the Energy Transitionsustainability podcast


6. Wardrobe Crisis interviews designers, change-makers, academics, creatives and fashion insiders about fashion, ethics, the environment and sustainability.

sustainability podcast


7. HBR IdeaCast airs weekly featuring leading thinkers in business and management from Harvard Business Review.

8. Want to get inspired with smaller business initiatives? Sustainable Squad interviews entrepreneurs and shares their ideas. The show has a light touch to it and is very approachable, which makes listening to it a true joy!

9. Stylish and Sustainable is made for anyone who wants to live a life that’s sustainable for both us and the world around us. Everything around sustainable products to lifestyle changes.

10. Global Goals Cast cover a broad range of issues, such as poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, environment and social justice.
In 2015, 193 world leaders signed a global agenda with 17 goals to achieve a more prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable world by the year 2030. The podcast will make these goals easier to understand, more relatable, and feel more attainable for every listener. Each episode offers listeners inspirational stories, high quality data, and numerous ways in which they can take action and personally contribute to the global efforts of making the goals’ achievement possible.  sustainability podcast



Enjoy the flow of information and voices of all those great people 💡

What podcasts do you recommend?


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