Climate Change – Story of 16 year old Activist

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Climate change – story of 16 year old Emma

A couple of months ago climate change wasn’t a big part of my life, at least that’s what I thought. Of course, I knew that the climate is changing, I knew the terms like global warming, ozone layer, the greenhouse effect or carbon footprint.

And I also knew that I had to be more aware of how I lived, but it seemed to be such a big deal! I never really had the energy to be fully aware of my consumption and how my daily routine and decisions affected the environment.

“I realized that the only way to create change is to change something within your own life.”

Then something changed. My closest friend was really frustrated with people not caring about our climate. I began sharing her opinion. Why? Because she was simply right; everybody was talking about the environment and about the effects of global warming, but nobody was doing anything against climate change. Or so it felt.
My friend then told me about an international youth climate strike Fridays for Future, where a lot of young people skipped school for an entire day to protest for the environment. The strike was initiated by 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg, who protested near the building of the Swedish parliament. Fridays for Future strike is an initiative against climate change resulting from human activity. To protest against global warming students from all around the world left schools on Friday. The strike is organized every Friday until today.

“…some students said that their entire family had stopped eating meat to lower their carbon footprint.”

During the climate strike I joined, some students said that their entire family had stopped eating meat to lower their carbon footprint. Someone else was saying that everybody should make a change in their lives to save our planet, because there is no planet b and in the end everybody enjoys living on this planet and no one is interested in the earth “dying”. No matter what political or religious beliefs you have. Despite many positive speeches, the protest itself was a bit chaotic… So many people showed up, some of the young people who spoke brought up really interesting and important points. Looking back I think it made at least some of the protesting people think twice about their life choices.

Maybe a week after the protest my close friend went vegetarian too. Then she told me that her entire basketball team stopped eating meat after the protest. The fact that she did that really inspired me to start living differently.

I realized that even the smallest lifestyle changes were making a difference. Just being aware of my own consumption, thinking twice about throwing away food, using plastic straws, taking long showers or even turning off the light sometimes.

I think I realized that you don’t have to change a law to make a difference, as long as people care and make changes for themselves.


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