No Waste Society is a space for a multi-faceted sustainable lifestyle, created to open up knowledge and awareness on implementation of circular economy practices and a plant-based diet.


💡Main goals:

◦ increasing the public’s access to information on the implementation of circular economy practices

◦ endorsing environmentally friendly diets (Vegetarian, Vegan, Pascetarian)

◦ broadening consumer empowerment (Zero Waste, Transparency, Human Rights)

◦ inspiring sustainability entrepreneurship

◦ building an ambitious network ready to put forth ideas and actions to push for a sustainable and empowered future

◦ facilitating plans for realistic everyday habit changes (little by little)

◦ stimulating social awareness and sensitivity

◦ inspiring social activism and intellectual discourse

◦ practicing Ecosophy and further development of ecophilosophical thinking


We make things

We hope that our articles, videos, posts, and meetings will help broaden awareness and inspire as many people as possible to move towards a circular economy, as well as to lead a sustainable and mindful lifestyle.


We are in it together

Community. We know from our own experience that sharing knowledge, exchanging insights and the feeling of being part of a community is extremely helpful, inspiring and motivating!


Positive Mindset

At the same time, NWS focuses on what is really positive and inspirational (with a reasonably urgent amount of environmental concerns ;).




Be part of the No Waste Society movement 🌍


Romy – founder and CEO

I’m interested in conscious and ethical living, as well as social sculpture, starting with myself. I wonder how art can affect empathy. I am inspired by diversity and a sense of freedom in Berlin. A philosopher at heart, a media artist and video producer a daily basis.


no waste society